My Recovery – Part I


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6 thoughts on “My Recovery – Part I

  1. Thank you. This is inspiring. I’m more convinced that dropping animal protein is not going to help me.

    • Yes, I would say that those with autoimmune diseases are way more likely to have compromised digestion and gut health, making it even more essential that we get good animal fat and protein. I don’t eat chicken mostly because it doesn’t really have any nutrients I can’t get from fish (and the omega 3/6 ratio is far better with fish than with chicken). Red meat was key for me and I consider it a big healing part of my diet. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  3. hi I’m very much struggling with adrenal fatigue. Can’t get grass fed beef though. Low weight, brain fog, sluggish, heavy legs, poor digestion…I’m not paleo, but was never and am not a vegan. Lots of lower back pain too (kidneys? adrenals?). Insomnia. You name it , I got it. Not sure what to do…especially since I’m lower weight and cannot afford expensive food and supplements. Jeesh 😦
    Low iron (very very low) and low vitamin D, etc. I cannot afford to lose weight. At all.
    I eat a ton of eggs, fats (avocados, olive and coconut oil), dark chocolate, yogurt, brown rice cakes, fruit, veggies, chicken , lots of fish, nuts, nut butters, flax, some protein powder (either hormone free whey or a brown rice gentle one), coconut milk, etc…
    I don’t know what to do. But I want to start feeling alive and RiGHT now 😦
    My lower weight and energy is not cool..and my family wants me to gain (i’m 31, but they’re pressing). I’m not a cook and need SIMPLE. thoughts? You can email me . Thanks.!

    • Hi Jill,

      Sounds like you have lots going on! I have a couple ideas for you.

      First, my experience with adrenal fatigue is that you can go very far healing from it with lifestyle changes. The first thing you need to figure out is why you aren’t sleeping. For me, I got tested and found out it was from a serotonin deficiency – taking 5-htp made all the difference for me. It could be a different factor for you, which is why in this case it might be a good idea to see a practitioner. Once you can sleep, doing so for a long time (8-10 hours a night) in a completely dark room at the same time interval every day will help your body get back on a circadian rhythm. I know this sounds impossible for someone with insomnia, but it was my experience that nothing I did until I started sleeping properly was helping the adrenal fatigue. Next, you need to figure out how to de-stress and relax. Adrenal fatigue happens to people who are type A, stressed out and don’t slow down. I was in denial and didn’t believe I was one of these people, but I now know that most of my problem with stress in my own creation. Meditation and mindfulness exercises are amazingly effective. There are other things you can do for adrenal fatigue, but this is where I would start.

      As far as the nutritional deficiencies, I think with the low iron you really need to get some red meat into your body. Since you are on a budget, I would prioritize food items that have the nutrition you are looking for and go from there. I took care of my anemia by eating beef and beef liver. If you are sick and can’t afford grass-fed, get hormone-free, I believe that not eating the meat is going to make you worse than not eating the highest quality because you can’t afford it. I buy grass-fed beef liver at my farmer’s market for $4 a pound. Organ meats are not very desirable and inexpensive, and they happen to have way more nutrients than muscle meats. You can also buy the cheapest cuts of beef – they have more fat and are more nourishing. I would focus on buying red meat instead of whey/rice protein or chicken – neither of those are doing anything to heal your body. After you have your good protein and fat sources figured out, the trick to weight gain is the carbs. Although its not “paleo”, rice is cheap and effective for this purpose. My husband is in the same boat, very athletic and always needing to find more calories. I cook him a big batch of rice and sweet potatoes every week to supplement with the meat and veggies that I cook for myself.

      Lastly, be patient with yourself as healing takes time! If you stress out about not being where you want to, you fuel the adrenal fatigue which gets you right back where you started. I know it is hard because you want to feel better and not have to deal with this, but if you take it one day at a time with an attitude of acceptance you will have a much better time.

      Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

      • Thanks….but I have no hormone free stuff…its just the crap beef, so its pointless to buy and eat that….i can’t do that, its full of hormones.

        Another thing: my doctor wants me on remeron + zoloft (SEROTONIN)…i feel badly cause i’ve refused the last 2 years…IF i ‘d taken it maybe my body and life would be different…i’ve sunk REALLY low in life…BUT i’ve SO STUBBORN about antidepressants…i took 5-HTP a couple times, didn’t notice much…

        but if i’m not exerciseing, eating a ton of carbs freaks me out 😦

        meal plans? I CANNOT lose weight u see
        and its too overwhelming to get rid of things

        i do smoothie in morning simply becuz i cannot stomach food

        i feel so regretful and lost 😦
        ever see the book “are you tired and wired?”

        also…lots of lower back pain and CONSTANT left sided stitch…docs just say GAIN weight…

        also: for you r recipes, can you give serving sizes, thanks.

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