What I Eat In A Week


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7 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Week

  1. My husband and I just moved to Seattle, and I’m also on the paleo autoimmune diet. Can you tell me where you buy your fish? And any other recommendations you might have (who you prefer for produce, etc)? I’m overwhelmed at the options here in town, and I’d like to think they’re all safe and eco-conscious, but I can never be sure 🙂

    • Hi Samantha,

      Welcome, and its awesome to know there are other people locally who eat like me! Sometimes I feel like an alien. What part of town are you living in? I buy fish from Anne Mossness, she sells salmon portions frozen in 22lb boxes for $170-85 (works out to about $8/lb) and also has smoked fish, canned salmon and frozen cod, all from her family’s small fishing operation. The fish is better quality than most I have been able to find besides fresh off the boat. If you email me I can let you know the next time our group puts in an order – I believe she will only sell if you have an order for at least a few boxes (we will be due for some around the end of the year). Wild Salmon Seafood at the fisherman’s terminal is the best place to buy fresh fish – I usually will go there if I want fresh Halibut, and they also occasionally get fresh sardines in the summer.

      The best place for produce is any farmer’s market – there are few that go year round. The Ballard and University district ones are usually the largest and have the most variety, but I usually shop at the Capitol Hill one because it is local to me. After that, I get everything else at Madison Market, it is a co-op on Capitol Hill. Everything in their produce section is organic and they make a good effort for local, but there are quite a few things from far-off lands. They have a freezer with 100% grass-fed beef and natural pork, but it is hella expensive. I only buy from them if I am in a pinch. I rarely go into Whole Foods, I can’t stand that place. Also stay away from Bill the Butcher, they won’t disclose where their meat comes from and that sketches me out. I mostly buy meat from Crown-S-Ranch, who sells beef and lamb by the cut as well as in bulk. They also have roasting and stewing hens. They have drop points all over Seattle about once a month in the winter, a couple times a month in the summer. I order online and then pick up from a cooler on a neighbor’s porch, kinda fun!

      Lastly, I order from Azure Standard once every couple months and pick up at a drop point in Shoreline. They have a good price on organic olive oil, coconut aminos and other stuff I don’t eat that my husband does – nuts and nut butters, coconut flakes, sweet potatoes, etc. If you want to get in on that I can also include the drop coordinator’s contact in my email.

      Seattle is one of the best places to live for this style of eating. There are lots of farmers raising animals ethically on grass, veggies year round and people are really into it. Unfortunately it can be expensive, but if you shop around for meat or have a freezer and can buy in bulk you can really save some money.

      Boy this turned into Mickey’s shopping guide to Seattle! Maybe some other people will get some use out of it also… 🙂

      Oh and my email –


  2. So much info! Awesome!

    We’ll be Queen Anne apartment-dwellers soon, and I don’t know yet how big our freezer will be. I may have to see if anyone is willing to share a box of beef or fish.

    • Awesome! I lived in lower Queen Anne my first few years in Seattle – love it! There are a lot of good grocery stores over there but they are all pretty expensive, Metro Market being the costliest (even over Whole Foods!). I think they have a summer farmer’s market on top of the hill.

      Its pretty tough to make bulk meat work without a deep freeze. We got by for a little while splitting fish boxes and ordering a few cuts at a time from Crown S.

      Good Luck!


  3. Hi Mickey, I was really interested to read what you eat. I don’t have an autoimmine disease, that I’m aware of. I do have ibs and used to have leaky gut till recently. Cutting a long story short I’ve been experiencing awful gut spasms along with back ache so I’ve decided to go back to basics and most foods I avoid seem to be ones you avoid – dairy,nuts,seeds,legumes and most sugars. anyway i was wondering if you have snacks at all? i eat clean the rest of time but no sure what to have in between. oh and I don’t eat much fruit either. I’d be interested in your thuoghts.

    • Hey Rosie,
      When I was vegan I had to put something in my mouth every 2-3 hours or I would get shaky and feel like I was going to pass out. I had horrible blood sugar problems from eating a diet high in carbs. It took a long time (3-4 months), but as I switched over to eating more meat and fat (a lot more!) I no longer needed snacks. Once I stopped being hypoglycemic, I found it was more of a psychological thing (I was used to the idea of having snacks). It took me some time to get over the idea in my brain that I needed to eat snacks even though I didn’t physically.

      Now, if I feel hungry between meals I remind myself to eat more fat or protein at mealtime, and eat something like a few carrots, olives or a spoonful of coconut oil. I know thats kind of gross, but my restricted diet doesn’t really lend itself well to snacks, and I get into trouble if I grab a piece of fruit. My husband is a snacker and he makes himself these coconut oil squares in an ice cube tray – I think they are made out of coconut oil, shredded coconut, honey, chocolate and some nuts. Depending on what you can tolerate you might be able to make something like that, even if it is just coconut.

      Sorry to hear that you have been having trouble, and hope you find something that works for you soon. Have you looked into low-FODMAPs for IBS? In my searches I have seen a lot of people having success with it, but I don’t know if that is what you meant when you said you eat like me. Anyways, good luck!

      • Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it. I’ve long thought that I’d be better without snacks. I’ll rethink my meals though I have to be careful of having too much fats. There are so many things I am avoiding now that I’ve set it off. Not sre about fodmaps as I also react to things which aren’t on the list.

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