Low Stomach Acid and Autoimmune Disease


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8 thoughts on “Low Stomach Acid and Autoimmune Disease

  1. What is this test your talking about, and can it be taken in Delaware?

    • Hi,
      The link that I provided above at SCD lifestyle goes over some testing options, one your doctor can do and two you can do at home. I have always used the home test as the one at the doctors is quite expensive.

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    I started taking one to two betaine HCL’s after eating a meal. I wanted to see if my digestion will improve. I have a feeling it takes close to a month to really see a difference. 2 pills make my stomach gurgle. 1 seems to eliminate some of the heaviness I get after I eat.

    • Thanks for updating me on your progress! Gurgling could be a sign of taking too much, but you will know if that is what it is. If you are lacking in HCL, you will notice the feeling that food moves out of your stomach instead of taking a long time to digest.

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  4. How long did it take for you to notice any positive effects of taking the HCL?

    • I noticed a difference in my digestion right away once I got on the right dose, but it was slow working up (my practitioner was very cautious). After that it was another couple of months before my deficiencies went away – I also started eating meat during that time. It has been over a year and I still take HCL, although nowhere near as much as I used to. I can really tell when I don’t take it and make sure to have some with every meal 🙂

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