Bacon-Beef Liver Pâté with Rosemary and Thyme


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7 thoughts on “Bacon-Beef Liver Pâté with Rosemary and Thyme

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  3. I am thrilled to have find your blog! A 20 year vegetarian/vegan myself and now with Hashimoto’s at my door step, I’m taking baby steps into paleo. I’ve seen a lot of chicken liver recipes though this recipe sounds like the way to go with beef liver. Thank you!

    • Wow! Eating meat after 10 years of being vegan was hard enough, can’t imagine 20… good for you for trying to take steps towards a more traditional diet in the name of health! Chicken liver is a good place to start taste-wise, but beef liver has more nutrient content. I hope you find my site helpful, and good luck on your journey!

  4. Thank you for this! I keep trying to incorporate organ meats into my diet, but they *kill* me. The last time I bought a beef liver, it sat in the freezer for two years. (why, oh why, didn’t we grow up in Europe where we would’ve grown up thinking they’re a delicacy???) I feel a bit more confident after finding this recipe, confident enough to order a beef liver from the ranch today. I’ll let you know how it goes. I sure could use the nutrition!

  5. I have worked on intiating myself with chicken liver pate – but I suspect the livery taste was drowned out by the cognac flavor :}. This was still triggering my gag, with the aftertaste, but I fixed it by sprinking kalmata olives and juice on my serving! I also shredded some more garlic on top for superpowers, but Zow! So now even if my gagger tries to find a taste it can use as an excuse, it cannot find it. Hopefully this is my version of beef liver training wheels, but even if not? I can live with it! Thanks for the recipe! I might look into making a greekish flavored pate and see how that works too! Thanks Mickey!

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