What Do I Eat For Breakfast?


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17 thoughts on “What Do I Eat For Breakfast?

  1. Thank you so much for sharing and for your information. You are really a Blessing!

  2. Yummy! I had read on a Paleo site somewhere recently that skipping lunch really shouldn’t be a big deal — a big Paleo breakfast ought to get you by until a nice Paleo dinner around 4 or 5 PM. I alternate between constant hunger and never hungry and still have days where I’m “bad” and don’t eat anything all day, especially if I don’t have any easy-prep stuff in the fridge or freezer. All of that looks fantastic — no wonder breakfast has become your favorite!

    • Christina,
      I have found that to be true! These days I eat lunch because I think I need the fuel, not because I am hungry for it. Back in my vegan, hypoglycemic days I had to have a constant stream of carbs going into my gob or I would get cranky and pass out. It didn’t take my body very long to make the switch once I started eating meat and fat, but my brain still has a little while to go. It still likes the “idea” of snacks and eating all the time, hehe 🙂

      • I am definitely not at the point of 2-meals-a-day yet either — I remember those stream-of-carb days and I start to worry a few hours after my last meal where my next snack is coming from!

  3. Your meals look so perfect! I would pay you to come cook for me 🙂
    My breakfasts are kind of similar- usually some type of veggie stir fried in coconut oil with a piece of meat or fish. I really want to add in bone broth and fermented veggies but haven’t attempted to make them yet. I’m kind of intimidated, even though I know everyone says they’re easy to make. I’m also a little worried, because I heard that for some people, fermented veggies cross react with gluten due to the yeast. I have Celiac and Hashimoto’s, and still have a long way to go towards healing my gut. You seem to tolerate them well though, right? So hopefully I’ll be okay, once I finally make some.

    • Hi Hayley,
      I have not found yeast to be a problem for me. I did a couple of weeks yeast-free just to test, however, and I didn’t notice any changes. I haven’t had much luck with probiotics (they make me feel bloated and I think make my SIBO symptoms worse) but I feel great when I get kombucha or ferments in regularly. Fermented veggies are seriously the easiest thing to make, and I am now addicted to eating them at every meal. Bone broth a little icky in the beginning, but it gets better once you get used to it. Sounds like you are on the right track – good luck! 🙂

  4. Where do you purchase your bacon from? And if you purchase cultured veges what source do you use? Thank you for your help

    • I have the best luck at my local farmer’s market for bacon. When you shop at a mainstream store, you usually have to choose uncured or sugar-free, not both. In my area, both Whole Foods and the local co-op have options. Here is a good article from Chris Kresser about nitrites that puts to rest some of my fears of consuming cured meat. I still grab the sugar-free uncured stuff at the market when I find it, though!

      I like making my own ferments (recipe coming soon!), but Bubbies is the only mainstream brand I know of that still has live cultures. You may be able to find some smaller local brands that offer raw ferments – Firefly Kitchens is one we have here in the Seattle area.

      • I’m excited for that recipe! I’ve been eating fermented veggies daily now and I’d love to make it myself. I buy Bubbies and it is delicious, but it doesn’t last long enough!

  5. Do you have any ai friendly recipes to share? 🙂

    • Here is a link to my recipe page, where everything linked is autoimmune protocol friendly. I also try and add 1-2 recipes a week so that list is slowly growing!

  6. I meant to say AI friendly DESSERT recipes. Duh! Sorry about that!

    By the way, do you eat fermented/cultured veges and if so, do you make them yourself? And, what veges do you eat since some are goitrogenic for us with Hashi’s…
    Sorry about the mistake above…

    • Aha! I eat tons of fermented veggies, and I do make them myself. I am working on a post for that to be up on the blog soon. I have never noticed a difference for the goitrogenic veggies, so I don’t avoid them. If I suspect something, I always leave it out for a few weeks and then reintroduce to see if I have a reaction.

      As far as dessert recipes, I have a couple, but I am trying to save them for the book because there aren’t unlimited options with this diet (read: coconut and fruit). I might post a recipe near Thanksgiving… 🙂

  7. It’s the darn shipping that is so cost – prohibitive. Cultured farms has some great looking cultured veges, but the shipping would be more than the products. Oh brother!

  8. Thanks Mickey! You are such an inspiration. You make breakfast look beautiful. I gave up cultured veggies for the most part at my nutritionists suggestion, but I think they are needed especially since I’m not over sugar addiction. I just need to puree them if they are very fibrous because I may still have narrowed/dilated intestines. I’m still afraid of cabbage (it doesn’t fit my blood type, oh but I miss the red cabbage!!), so that leaves little store bought cultured veggies. It’s time for me to get back to making my own. I also don’t do cauliflower. Oh well. We all have to come up with substitutions that fit. A good breakfast is so important. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Hey Rachel! Have you tried making fermented carrots? Cabbage is borderline for me, and I have been trying to eat through my last batch of fermented veggies that is mostly cabbage. The next one I have made only carrots, I am hoping I can get some cultures with my morning meal and not feed the SIBO. Thanks for checking in 🙂

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