Kicking the Coffee Habit


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8 thoughts on “Kicking the Coffee Habit

  1. I used to drink a lot of coffee too, and also gave it up due to Celiac, Hashimoto’s, and adrenal fatigue. At first I replaced it with tea, but then found that black/green/white teas are not good for me either. I love your list of replacements! I haven’t tried making bone broth yet, but I bought some grass fed beef shanks today so I’m going to make my first broth tomorrow. I do use fresh mint and ginger to make tea between meals and I really find that it helps settle my stomach and digestive system. I haven’t had coffee in so long that I usually don’t crave the taste, unless I’m in a coffee shop and that aroma of fresh ground coffee takes over me. I just love the smell.

    • Hayley,
      I too started going for tea, but the caffeine was too much for me. The bone broth takes some getting used to, but I really find myself craving the salty, savory taste in the morning. 🙂


  2. Coffee can cause leaky gut syndrome, anyone who is serious about improving his autoimmune condition should quit for a month and observe changes.

  3. Coffee was making me nauseous but I still couldn’t give it up. My coffee habit was broken when I switched to decaf. I started by replacing a little regular ground coffee with decaf, at around 50%-50% it became a more difficult and I stayed on that for a while. Then I continued to replace the regular coffee until I was on decaf only. And then I lost my appetite for coffee… apparently the reason I enjoyed coffee was the cafeine, and luckily for me I hardly feel like having coffee nowadays. I picked up drinking cereal coffee instead, but have to give that up as well going paleo. The substitutes you mention sound very good to me. I like fennel tea and rose tea (from yogi tea) as well.

    • Yep, decaf is a great way to wean off of coffee. I like the sound of fennel tea, I’ll have to try it sometime!

  4. Hello there, I am an absolute coffee lover too.. and when I went to the Autoimmune Protocol I think coffee was the main thing I was gutted to give up (along with cheese and dohnuts)… In our household we only use completely fresh coffee which is usually pretty strong… I didnt notice giving it up too much (excpet headaches to start with) and then I had one as a ‘treat’ one day and my whole system felt icky. I felt sick and heavy and couldnt think clearly and had headaches… so that was when I decided to fully let go ;p
    Since then I drink herbal teas and rooibos which i love… but a LOVELY alternative it hot coconut milk, a bit of turmeric a bit of ginger and a splash of honey: its one of those late night comforting drinks…

    • Yes coffee is soooo hard to give up! I have never felt better since I ditched it though.

      Your coconut milk concoction sounds great, I might have to give it a try someday!

  5. I French press chicory, a little cinnamon and a drop of vanilla. I was born with celiac disease. I am now 70 years old and just gave up coffee. I weaned off it in one week without a severe migraine. I also bought Dandy Brand but even though they claim it’s gluten free, it does have grain in it. It is also very good but expensive.

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