Reflections on the New Year and an Update


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20 thoughts on “Reflections on the New Year and an Update

  1. I start my second Whole30 the 2nd. I am SO looking forward to feeling good!!! Same as you, I exclude eggs, nuts, seeds, and nightshades. I may pull fruit as well. I’m dreading the withdrawal but excited to be craving-free and feeling good after that! 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. I really hope this helps you to start feeling more energized and stable! It seems like a great plan- it’s exactly the way I currently eat 🙂 I didn’t “cheat” at all over the holidays because I haven’t been on the AIP that long (I’ve only been on it 100% for maybe a month or two) so I didn’t want to mess up my progress so far. I’ve noticed a few small changes but nothing drastic yet, so it just didn’t seem worth it to back track at all. Maybe next year, when I feel more comfortable I look forward to seeing more of your posts in 2013! Your blog is so helpful to me. Good luck with your whole 30.

    • Good for you for sticking to the AIP throughout the holidays, that is not an easy task. I am so glad you find the blog helpful, thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  3. I have been following the AIP since June and I have felt such an improvement in my health! However, I did allow my self to cheat on Christmas with some gluten free cookies that obviously had sugar. I have noticed that over the past week I am also craving sweets and have been eating more fruit. For me it is important to remove all sources of sugar including fruit to help stabilize my blood sugar and mood! I will definitely join you all on the whole 30. Thanks for putting this together Mickey! It will help me to get back on the right path to health. I am a firm believer of this diet!

    • I am happy you are joining me! Funny thing about sugar… all it takes is a little bit and you are back on that wagon again. I love being free from the cravings and I can’t wait to get there again. We can do it! 🙂

  4. Thank you for writing this blog! I came across it on Facebook somehow. I have struggled with Psoriasis since I was 14, have followed a mostly paleo diet for almost 2 years but have struggled with eliminating the AI “no no” foods. I am also starting the Whole 30 tomorrow and I would love to hear more about what specifically you are eating for the AI Whole 30 – I struggle with meal ideas that don’t contain any of the AI triggers….and what are your premade freezer snacks? Thanks so much!!

  5. Hi Sara,
    I have a couple of posts you may find helpful. This one I photographed and wrote about what I bought and ate in a week. This one I photographed and described nine autoimmune-protocol breakfasts. I stock my freezer with these Beef Breakfast Patties (you can make them with other meats too if you like), lamb meatballs (recipe coming soon, and lots of bone broth. I don’t do a lot of snacking but I will have frozen items (like patties or stews) available for easy meals when I am to busy or tired to cook. Good luck!

  6. Mickey,

    I don’t know anything about the “whole 30” and was wondering if you would consider keeping track of what you eat daily to post – and perhaps put together a whole 30 with an autoimmune protocol like you said above and taking out everything you said above as well. And, then charge for “a class” with recipes/menu ideas/ etc.? I have taken out so much it seems. I still have alot of fatigue and gas no matter what, even with cultured veges, broth, coconut water kefir, probiotics, digestive enzymes, etc. I really wanted to get my nutrition intake “stable” (if you know what I mean) before taking any other supplements. I know I need zinc because my sense of smell is so off, magnesium, etc. but really want to get things going with nutrition first. It seems so darn frustrating. But, I will keep trying. Just wondered if you would consider teaching an online course of what you are doing above? Thank you for your posts. Happiness and Health in the New Year!

    • Hey Christina,

      Thanks for your suggestion, I have been working on meal plans for awhile now but I am afraid they don’t help much without the recipes they refer to. I am going to include them in my book, along with the recipes. Have you tried taking out all of the fermented foods for a time? Probiotics make me very bloated and I don’t take them anymore. Sometimes if the bacteria aren’t what you need at the moment they can be a detriment. I would suggest starting the GAPS intro diet for a few days – just bone broth and boiled meats. Then introduce vegetables one by one, starting with low-FODMAPs ones (carrots, celery, squash, etc). After you can tolerate some veggies start with the ferments, beginning with just the juice. That is how I first formatted my autoimmune protocol elimination diet and I was really able to pinpoint which vegetables were causing me digestive upset. I can eat things like squash and carrots all day but the minute I even think about an onion or an apple I become incredibly bloated and gassy.

      I may be able to put a group together and do a class sometime in the future, especially once the book is wrapped up – right now it is too much with work, school and blogging, not to mention feeding myself and trying to stay healthy! There is a great group on facebook called “2013 Paleo and Autoimmune Vitality Indulgence” for people who are doing paleo/AIP style eating for the next few months. I will try to document my meals for at least a week of my whole 30 and do a post about it. I have been updating as much as I can on facebook but I have been cooking a lot for the book and don’t want to be too much of a tease!

      Thanks for the great comments and suggestions!


      • Mickey,

        I am so sorry. I did not know you were working on a book. That will be a big help. Of course you need to take care of yourself too! Without health, things are harder than they should be. I apologize, I did not know you were so inundated; I just trust your information and I know if you offered “something” I would be interested in purchasing it. Guess it will be the book! How exciting! God bless your efforts and journey. Can’t wait! Thank you!

      • Christina,
        I really appreciate your comments and it means a lot to me that you are so happy to support what I am doing! I have definitely used your suggestions here and on facebook to help guide me in offering something that will be useful. Thank you for that 🙂

  7. Thanks for the push I needed! I have been following Paleo however, just discovered the autoimmune protocol.
    So excited to see more results with this. The elimination of even more foods is a little scary so, I’ll be counting on you for recipes and new ideas. I felt limited before so this will be a challenge.
    I was encouraged by your update and I to have decided to enter the whole 30.
    It’s a great start to the New Year glad to be starting the challenge together 😉

  8. Those foods you eliminate are all good choices, add coffee to the list

    • Thanks Martin, I eliminate coffee as a part of my autoimmune protocol because it is a seed, although that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying a couple of swiss-water process decaf coffees over the holidays. I am not having any coffee during my whole 30. Thanks for posting the link!

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