Coconut-Raspberry “Cheesecake”


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6 thoughts on “Coconut-Raspberry “Cheesecake”

  1. Wow, this looks amazing! I would really like to try it, but I’m wondering if you can think of a substitute for tapioca starch? I combine Paleo with SCD/GAPS because of my digestive issues and tapioca starch is an “illegal” item. Thanks for any suggestions!

  2. Hey Katy,
    You should be able to make it without the tapioca starch, it won’t have the thick texture but I think it will still work. I would substitute 3 extra tablespoons of coconut butter instead to make sure it doesn’t come out too soft. Please come back and let me know if that works, I’d love to add a note to the recipe if people would like to make it without the starch.

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  4. Some people do a little better with arrowroot instead of tapioca. I plan to try it that way. Sounds lovely!

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