Update On My Whole 30 Progress


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10 thoughts on “Update On My Whole 30 Progress

  1. Wahoo! This is fantastic! I’m sure your skin will bounce back to awesome in short order! I haven’t found a kombucha that’s organic with nothing in it I don’t want in me (any of the following – “natural flavors” sugars, chemicals, preservatives). Any recommendations or recipes?

    I’ve been pretty strict for 6 months on the Autoimmune Plan. Trying to add back foods has been slow. Feeling good is better than eating more foods… (I have to remind myself of this some times!)

  2. I’m glad that you have been sleeping better! I have been sleeping better too…but TOO much! I have Hashimoto’s and PCOS and last month I went off birth control (I had been on it for a year). Since starting Whole30 the day after Christmas, I have slept an average of 9.5 hours a night! I don’t know if its because of thyroid issues (maybe my dosage needs to be increased?) or hormonal issues (changing of my birth control). I started AIP with Whole30 as well, but I have not seen miraculous clearing of my acne as I had hoped. I will continue to stick with it however.

    I also have been noticing that I cannot eat a meal and then wait for several hours. My mom and I have been described as eating like birds; we cannot eat very much at one time. If I try and eat a “normal sized” meal I feel gassy, bloated, and have sharp stomach pains. I feel better when I eat about 6 small meals a day. However, I know this is not the Whole30 way. Do you think this is okay? I want to follow Whole30 but I cannot when it comes to the meal sizes. I can only eat 1/8 of a chicken breast at a meal; any more and I will feel stuffed.

    I am also thinking that eating too much fiber is the cause of my bloating and gas; I have been eating TONS of veggies since starting Whole30. I’m just bummed because everyone seems to feel better while on Whole30 but I feel I have another set of problems that have emerged since starting. I will not give up though! Thanks for your blog! Very inspirational.

    • Hi Michele,
      I know that after going off of birth control it can take awhile for your body to find balance again, and PCOS makes things even more complicated. Have you read Stefani Ruper’s PCOS guide? It is great and I highly recommend it.

      I sleep at least 8 hours a night, and I have gone through phases where I slept more like 10. I think its great that you can sleep that long – the questions I would be asking are do you feel refreshed in the morning or tired during the day? Those would be clues that the quality of sleep is not good enough.

      I wouldn’t force yourself to eat big meals if you can’t tolerate it, but as you start to eat more fat and protein and less carbs your body will become more used to using fat for fuel and you will be able to go longer between meals. When I was first transitioning, I had to eat small meals every couple of hours. It took a long time for this to change – I would say over the course of 3-4 months.

      Veggies, especially cruciferous raw ones can cause bloating and gas. I would stick to good quality proteins and fats and experiment with veggies that you can tolerate. I would definitely keep tweaking until you find something that works for you! 🙂

      • I have not read it before but I will definitely check it out! Thank you for letting me know about it.

        I do feel refreshed in the morning and energetic throughout the day. I guess I just felt like I was sleeping too much because you always hear 8 hours a night is best/recommended.

        Thank you so much for your input on all of these things! I am so happy to have found your blog through and I am so excited about the cookbook you are coming out with later this year! I plan on being Paleo/AIP for life so I need recipes and ideas on how to keep it fun and exciting. You are awesome!

  3. Mickey, have you ever tried the oil cleanse method for your skin? A lot of people seem to swear by it:

    • I do use the oil cleansing method! I use coconut oil in the shower. My skin has improved a lot since I started cleansing that way, but it doesn’t do anything for the hormonal acne I’m afraid!

  4. I don’t know what the weather’s like where you live, but I found that coconut oil worked well for me in the summer, but clogged my pores in the cold winter. When I switched to olive oil, my skin responded much better. Everyone’s different, I know, but I thought I’d pass that along.

    • Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that! I actually started with an olive/castor blend in the summer and it didn’t work out too well, then I switched to using coconut oil in the shower. I never thought that switching it up in the seasons could make a difference. 🙂

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