Budgeting Tips For The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol – Part II: Buying Bulk Meat


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7 thoughts on “Budgeting Tips For The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol – Part II: Buying Bulk Meat

  1. I have a small deep freezer and love it! We are in an apartment now, and because it is small, my freezer still fits. I don’t know how I’d survive without it, frankly! We recently moved, and I just found a farmer in the area. My brother and I will be buying in bulk this Friday and splitting it! I think a freezer is THE most important tool for living as cheaply, sustainably, and conveniently as possible…right after the food processor 😉

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  4. Hello! Thank you for these posts. I am very new to all this nutrition stuff. I was recently diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and simultaneously noticed that when I ate certain things my condition worsened. The details of your story have been really helpful to me as I try to piece together my own. I was just wondering if you have read The Plan by Lyn Genet. Hers is a very strict elimination diet/testing one food every other day. If you are still having issues you might want to glance at a few of her pages. She has foods she calls “highly reactive” (cause a lot of inflammation), like salmon and raspberries. Maybe it will be another missing link for us both!

    • Hi Pamela,
      I haven’t heard of that book or author before, but I am very familiar with the elimination diet idea – essentially that is what the autoimmune protocol is. I am a little suspicious as to her basis of why salmon and raspberries cause inflammation – as far as I know the omega-3 fats in salmon help make anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, which is quite the opposite. Anyways, good luck to you on your healing journey, and I will be checking Lyn Genet out to see what information she has to offer 🙂

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