16 thoughts on “Final Thoughts On My Whole 30

  1. I had very similar results. I’ve been AI Paleo for 7 months now. January 1 I decided to Whole100 because I’d been feeling like I was heading toward a flare. Even though I was AI compliant, I eliminated nuts and fruits as well. I discovered that fruits and nuts both have enough sugar to trigger cravings and have me over-eating (even if the foods are all compliant…). And I found out that nuts *definitely* cause inflammation. Additionally since I eat so so so simply (AI Plan approved meats, vegetables and fats), it is now obvious that some/most spices trigger headaches, sinus problems and digestive stuff.

  2. I think I need to do another one with additional “beyond AIP” limitations, too. I’m not sure what those would be since I already don’t do fruit but I am definitely missing something — maybe just not eating enough in general, or not addressing my adrenals or sex hormones with supplements/herbs (which has been on my to-do list for months). Whatever your food-related bad habit, Whole 30 is a great way to try to get rid of it. I can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year and recover from the holidays!

    • Christina – the next place I am going is addressing my hormones. I have always felt that there is something going on, but I haven’t been able to figure it out (I don’t have the classic estrogen dominance symptoms and just need to get tested). I just started taking some liver support because I have learned that the inability to detox hormones properly can lead to an imbalance. I’d be curious to know what you end up trying!

      • I know I’m overdue for a test, too. At last count my testosterone was sky-high but everything else was “normal” — I wouldn’t call what I had then estrogen dominance, either. I know the testosterone is still a problem (and always has been; that one comes with pretty obvious symptoms) but that test was almost two years ago. I’ve been drinking spearmint but that hasn’t seemed to help so I’m moving on to nettles (pretty much the only other directly testosterone-lowering trick I can find); I’ve been thinking I might need to add a liver support item, too. I talked to Susan a little bit about herbal teas like milk thistle and dandelion; what are you using?

      • hmm that is interesting. I started taking livotrit which is an ayurvedic liver support (I believe it has milk thistle), but I am noticing that it is making my symptoms worse – more acne and night sweats while on my period. I am still going to give it a whole month. I think this is low estrogen (that would make sense that liver support would make it worse), but I need to ask my naturopath to test me. Why are hormones so complicated! Grr.

  3. Wow, you had great results! Since I stuck to the AIP through the holidays, I didn’t really eliminate anything else this month, but I did add in a few things- more meat/bone broth and fermented veggies. I also started having kombucha and water kefir occasionally. One of these things isn’t agreeing with me though, I’ve been having a lot of skin issues lately. Maybe its the yeast or the histamines (I really hope it isn’t the latter, those seem so hard to avoid). So frustrating when things seem to be getting better, and then suddenly symptoms return with a vengeance! Oh well, I’ll figure it out. Glad to hear your whole 30 went so well 🙂

    • Hayley – that is interesting that your skin is upset about the introduction of more ferments. I doubt it is the bone broth! Maybe you have been eating too much? I have heard Chris Kresser say that fermented veggies can definitely be overdone – anyways, just a thought! Let me know what it is when you figure it out… 🙂

  4. I have the acne around my mouth since going AIP. I was confused why this would start when eliminating foods. It’s easy to see I have greater mood stability and less brain fog when fruit is extremely limited. If I eat more than one piece, I start craving sweets and carbs. I love how I feel with meats, greens and bone broths. I got constipated quickly on AIP and my doctor suggested I was overdoing the probiotics. I was taking a heavy duty probiotic powder, eating my homemade kimchi and kraut and drinking kombucha. As soon as I took the probiotic powder out, it helped. Which I’m happy to save the money and put it toward the FCLO instead! 🙂

    • Kim – Thanks for sharing your experience, glad to know I am not alone on the acne front. I have heard that cystic acne around the mouth is usually hormonal, which makes sense that diet wouldn’t affect it much unless it is affecting hormone balance. Maybe that is what is going on in your case?

      I have also overdone it on the probiotics – in my case I had SIBO, and my probiotic was making it much worse. I also just stick to my fermented foods now 🙂

  5. Is there a recipe most people follow for making bone broth? I tried to just boil a chicken carcus but it had no flavor, even though I did it on low for several hours.

  6. Mickey, have you found that you can tolerate certain nuts better than others? And are you able to eat them if they are soaked and dehydrated? I have just figured out that I can eat a small amount of dehydrated almonds every few days. But I “think” pecans bother me. I used to get horrible stomach aches from even a small amount of nuts previous to this discovery…counting every discovery a success, right?

  7. Pamela – when I started eating nuts again, I could only tolerate a small amount of almonds that were soaked and then had the skins peeled off of them. I never dehydrated them. Eventually I would have them just soaked, and now I can tolerate them raw. I react very badly to cashews but not pecans or walnuts. I think everybody is different, and you have to keep trying things! Good luck 🙂

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