The Healing Process and Taking a Break


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14 thoughts on “The Healing Process and Taking a Break

  1. Hope you grow stronger and feel better soon.

  2. I’m glad you are choosing to rest and take care of yourself!!! Take all the time *you* need…

  3. good for you for realizing when it’s time to scale back.

  4. I think it takes a brave, strong person to admit to needing rest. We live in a go-go-go society that doesn’t value rest as much as it values over production. You will be missed, but you must take care of yourself and do what you know your body needs. I hope you come back feeling deeply rested and with a greater sense of healing.

  5. Thank you Mickey. I’m honestly amazed with you and other bloggers who have autoimmune issues. More importantly, I’m grateful to you for sharing your experience and knowledge. You are setting a great example by taking care of yourself. You inspire me to believe that someday I’ll be healthy and confident enough to expand my horizons as well.

  6. There’s a lot of pressure in the blogging world to post frequently, but the truth is, readers are limited in their time, too. Many of my favorite blogs post just once a week. Maybe when you come back, that would be an easier goal to manage. In the meantime, enjoy the birth of your book, and rest up!

  7. Thank you for this…I’m really identifying with you right now. I know what you mean about feeling like things will never change. Hang in there, and don’t feel guilty about backing off!

  8. What a good reminder. Thanks. I’m intimately acquainted with the feeling that things will never change. My health is declining at the moment, and I’ve been feeling depressed about it. Will it ever get better? Then I ran into someone who’s as sick as I was five years ago, back when I thought I’d never, ever get better. Yet here I am! A bit fatigued? Yes. In bed, unable to work, for months on end? No. Not even close. My “bad” today is what I would have considered “impossibly good” back then.

  9. I am feeling the same way, I’m never going to be well enough to do whatever I want to do with my life (I’m 20). But right now I’m going through a bad spell, a virus of some kind and it’s been really bugging me on top of everything else. Then it hit me, the way my body is now is how I felt all the time last year. Hardly able to walk, tired, brainfog… And now I feel a tad bit more optimistic.

    I’m still ill, my brain will still act up on me if there is a lot of stress in my life, but at least it passes more readily and I’m not bedridden anymore!

    I’m educating myself (and trying to help others) and I /do/ believe I will be “healthy” once more, even if it’s hard for me to remember how that felt like.

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